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Private villa in Coppet

Architectural project in progress


Villa Coppet


Construction of an outstanding villa and swimming-pool

A great residential architecture project is in progress in Coppet on a plot of 2’000 m2.

Worksite start

The construction started at the end of December with the demolition of the existing villa. In January, leveling work and lean concrete pouring took place, as well as the installation of pipes under the ground slab and suction pits which will be used for reaching main sewers.

Bricklayer worksite setting up

Once the insulation under the ground slab is over, formwork, iron framework and concreting of the ground slab can be executed, preceding the basement walls framework and formwork installation.

Ground floor slab formwork

Mid-March, concreting of the basement walls took place. Now this step is over, the formwork of the ground floor slab can be initiated.