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Wincasa, Geneva

Entrance hall new layout and transformation




Ensure a relaxation space, welcoming and convivial, while maximizing the room

The entrance hall layout work of the building located Route de Meyrin 49 is over. At Wincasa’s request, the practice took action to consider a new use and a refreshing of this reception. The building offers quality services, bright and adjustable areas, to the six floors tenants, from the tertiary sector. It is also ideally located, at the same time close to the airport, the highway access and Geneva city center. Yet, its construction dated back to the 80’s, so it was needed to modernize the hall and produce a new impression, from the first steps in.

MR&A is proud to have had the opportunity to transform and design a new layout of this building ground floor. This involved, for instance, the existing ceiling cladding with phonic slabs, new lightning installation, new floorings laying and the room demarcation by a light partition. A soundproofing suspended ceiling with integrated LED is paired with a path on the floor with strictly identical curves, to guide visitors from the entrance to the lifts. Walls were painted in aqua tint, the same found on a panoramic wallpaper which gives depth to the lounge space.

On both sides of the path, relaxation spaces are available, livened up with tables, chairs and low armchairs and equipped with vending machines. These areas are demarcated by copper-colored planters, matching the building facade. Furniture had to be carefully selected as it is located near an emergency exit, it had to be made of metal and categorized “non fire”. In order to adapt fire protection norms to new location layout and to be consistent with 2015 AEAI standards, the project team proceeded to the design of new partitions to demarcate a new emergency exit, and to the entry automatic door change.